Holiday at the Seaside

I recently spend a lovely Holiday at the Seaside. After days of relaxing I finally found inspiration to make some new pieces of political art.

I started by experimenting with flower pigment, directly onto paper:


The result was beautiful with very subtle colours, which worked great with my typical inc lines.

Then I did some high resolution scans and worked on the pieces digitally.

22 Conscience clearer

Conscience Clearer’ (2018)
You can scrub all you want, but some things are too dirty.

Material: Inc, flower pigment, digital colour
#wordleaders #scrubbing #howdoyousleepatnight 

23 Gosh

‘Gosh’ – Another day of not exploiting people (2018)
How was your day?

#globaljustice #equality #consumerism#postcolonial #isntitrelaxing

I also found inspiration in elements in the environment: the russling palmtrees, the trail of ants that came to collect the crumbs we tried to feed the birds, the waste plastic on the beach, the small church, the many birds, my new bikini.

25 Trash pink blue

‘Holiday at the Seaside’ (2018)
I spend a lovely holiday at the seaside and found beautiful things on the beach.

#environment #beachholiday #footprint #waste #trash  

28 Les Ants

‘Les Ants’ (2018)
We’re all trying to reach for the highest, aren’t we?

#consumerism #followtheleader #socialpressure #society #neoliberalism #capitalist


‘Unemployed’ (2018, left) & ‘Let’s Pray’ (2018, right)

After having eaten a lot during my holiday, a little voice in my head was starting to talk about dieting, so back home I made this:

24 We're on a diet

‘We’re on a diet’ (2018)
What are we slimming down?

#compassion #individualism #neoliberalism 

Thanks for reading & stay PrettyPolitical!


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