‘Protest is beautiful’

Political artist Jorine Beck (Master of Arts Theatre & Global Development) is Dutch and lives and works in Birmingham (UK). Jorine makes art under the name PrettyPolitical and topics include global justice, social justice, feminism and equality. Jorine’s motto is: ‘I love to give people food for thought, without dictating what they should think.’



My art reflects my optimistic nature that there is a solution for a problem. I will address any structural problem in society, because I allow myself to dream how the world could be better. I strongly believe that by putting a dream or idea out there, it is more likely to happen (or at least change your perspective).


Speak up

Through my art I speak up about things that startle or frustrate me. I started making political art when I was frustrated by ongoing global chaos in the wake of the Arabic Spring.

I used to think I had to hold back my voice, opinions and ideas. I felt (and sometimes was told) that I was too strong, ambitious or rebellious, and that I had to learn to be more diplomatic. Until I realised there are so many people who are doing exactly that already. Through my political drawings I learned to embrace and channel the more provocative aspects of my personality.



I always start my political drawings from the perspective of beauty, which can allow the audience to engage with the topic in different ways. By appealing to both thinking and feeling I try to take a different approach than the more classical political cartoon.

I enjoy using nuance in each piece: Even though I make a statement, it isn’t as obvious and the viewer has to search for it. I like to think of my work as conversation starters, and I am mostly interested in what happens in the space between the art work and the viewer. I value critical thinking and space for nuance and interpretation, something which is often missing in public debate (in my opinion).

Key accomplishments to date:

  • Solo Exhibition at Anchor Gallery Digbeth (September-November 2018)
  • Risobook: Weird Science, collaborative exhibition with Holodeck at Artefact, Stirchely (2018)
  • Exhibiting artist ‘Filia100’, Filia Feminist Conference (Manchester, 2018)
  • Exhibiting artist during ‘Decolonise, Not Diversify’, Impact Hub (Digbeth, Birmingham)
  • Exhibition 3x Esscher inspired works (The Blame Game, Your know the Drill, Peace at Gunpoint), Centrala Space (Digbeth, Birmingham)
  • Emerging artist exhibition P Cafe (2015)
  • Multimedia exhibition organiser ‘Political art’ POLIS (Leeds)
  • Publications in magazines Risobook: Weird Science (2018), A5 Zine (2018), Women in History (2017), Slaney Street (2015), The Scribe (2014)
  • BBC purchase of original art work ‘Towers of Babel’ for the film set of the BBC series ‘The Replacement’ (2016)
  • Social justice arts projects including ‘Displacement: Stories of Hope’ (2014/2015) and ‘Neighbours- animation project’ (2016)

Have a browse through my portfolio or visit my webshop for my prints, mugs, pin badges and jewellery. Contact me directly to find out more about buying original art work, bespoke art and art for resale.


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