Drama therapy is a form of art therapy that uses drama and story making to help you feel better.

In dramatherapy we will use loads of different creative ways to help you feel better and express yourself, rather than just talking about what we are worried about.

Dramatherapy can help with

* Making sense of loads of different feelings like anxiety, depression or anger
* Difficult situations like a loss or big life changes
* Feeling more confident in yourself and who you are
* Helping you communicate better

In dramatherapy we can use different art forms that you enjoy

  • Art materials like pencils, paints, clay and crafts
  • Puppets, toys and masks
  • Storymaking and drama play
  • Photography, cartoons, writing, poetry, song

We will be meeting on in person or via Skype. You will work on creative projects that you enjoy. Next to the creative project (and homework) we can also talk and/or do exercises that help you relax.

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For parents/carers

Practical information

  • Sessions are offered in blocks of 10 sessions with session 1 being the taster
    session / intake.
  • If cancelled before week 10 a minimum of 3 sessions is required to finish the therapeutic process.
  • One block includes 2x reports (at 3 and 10 weeks) and 2x contact moments
    with parents/carers (15 mins at intake and week 8)
  • Session fees:

Face to Face (outreach locations in Birmingham)
One off Session (45 minutes) £60
10 sessions (45 minutes each) £550

One off Session (45 minutes) £45
10 sessions (45 minutes each) £400

For parents/carers: COVID 19
In these trying times you might be sitting at home with a child or teenager who is feeling particularly anxious or down. I am providing therapy Skype sessions on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings or afternoon.

Download my flyer here:
Dramatherapy with therapist Jorine

About Jorine
Jorine Beck has a BA Arts Therapies Drama (hons), and Master of Arts (Theatre & Global Development). She registered at the Health Care & Professions Council HCPC (AS 15803) and has her DBS. Jorine is a prize winning and published therapist, who has worked in psychiatry, and specialises in working with looked after children, refugees and children with trauma and bereavement. Read more here 

Contact me on Jorine_beck@hotmail.com