Drama therapy is a form of arts psychotherapy that uses drama and story making to support the mental health and well being in children and adults. Dramatherapist Jorine works in South Birmingham (UK) and remotely (UK and International).

What is dramatherapy?

‘Dramatherapy is a form of Psychotherapy. Dramatherapists are both clinicians and artists that draw on their knowledge of theatre and therapy to use as a medium for psychological therapy that may include drama, story-making, music, movement, and art; to work with any issue that has presented itself. Dramatherapists work with their clients using a very wide range of dramatic techniques in verbal and non-verbal ways. Though vocalisation, storymaking and talk are integral parts of dramatherapy, the practice does not necessarily rely on spoken language alone to resolve what a pupil, client, or patient may wish to address, explore or to seek support with.  Embodiment and movement are also vital in our practice.’ (British Association of Dramatherapists, http://www.badth.org.uk)

Practical information

Dramatherapist Jorine offers sessions face-to-face in South Birmingham (UK) or remotely (UK and International). Jorine offers dramatherapy in blocks of 10 sessions. You can book the first session as a one-off, before booking a block of sessions.

Rates (2022):
Face to Face – 1x £60, 10x £550
Remotely – 1x £55 – 10x £500
2x Reports included. Extra reports upon request £40/h
If you struggle to afford sessions, please get in touch to see if I can refer you to a funded scheme.