Grow a Pair

21 grow a pair small file

‘Grow a pair’ (2018)

Protest art against gender expectations and inequality. At first glance ‘Grow a Pair’ is a pretty decorative illustration, but behold: Through the cuteness pierces a strong message about having to be cute, girly, feminine. The title ‘Grow a Pair’ (of balls, red) in combination with the shape of the cactusses also protests against the gender expectations that boys and men have to endure from a young age.

‘Grow a Pair’ is a protest against gender expectations and a cheeky encouragement to female artists to speak up through their art, rather than just decorate.

Original art work
Mounted and framed

Digital Prints
£18 (Etsy)


Tags: Feminist Art, Feminism, Protest Art, Gender expectations, Political Art, Artivism

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