Strong Girls

Some of the best conversations I have are with younger girls that visit my table at arts markets. They understand feminism and grow up in a world where the public debate gives them the opportunity to think critically about themselves and their opportunities.

3 glass ceiling crushers small file

‘Glass Ceiling Crushers’ (2016)

It is often said that all women are crazy about or obsessed with shoes. Are we really that shallow? I asked myself the question; what do shoes mean to me and why do I actually love them?

Original art work
Mounted and framed

Digital Prints
£18 (Etsy)

19 When the girl met the Crocodile watermark

‘When the Girl met the Crocodile’

Protest art about female strength. Despite some changes in the right direction, gender inequality is still a huge issue. The dominance of men in top public seats, including politicians, managers, government and media means women often have the wrong perception that in order to make it, they need to act as men. If the world needs anything, it’s women to stand in their strengths and use feminity to deal with current issues, such as violence. Are we really going to let the world run by masculinity?

Original art work

Digital Prints
£18 (Etsy)

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