Mugs, Pins & Jewellery

I love making things, and I love the idea that conversations can start anywhere. That’s why I’ve made PrettyPolitical mugs and handmade pin badges and jewellery. Some examples below, but find all items on my Etsy shop:

eve the first anarchist mug2

‘Eve the First Anarchist’ protest art mug

From the series ‘New Perspectives on Eve’s Sin’, in which I find other reasons as to why Eve ate the apple by giving her agency, thinking about the world around her and oppression she may have suffered from.

£10 (Etsy)

political art feminist art revolution protest PrettyPolitical

Protest art pin badge ‘No Revolution Today’, political fine art handmade pin by PrettyPolitical

Some people hit the streets in protest, some keep listening to their own tunes. Provoke some thoughts and debate by stickin’ one of these political protest brooches on your bag or coat.

Size pin: 4-5cm
£8 (Etsy)


Protest art Earrings ‘You Bug Me’

Say it as it is. ‘You Bug Me’ is a shout out to all girls and women out there who have been pestered, harrassed and abused. Thanks #metoo for addressing these very real issues. Get informed, assertive and make your voice STRONG.

PrettyPolitical is happy to present her first ever protest earrings! Inspired by the Protest Comic ‘You Bug Me’, created after the #MeToo campaign these flies symbolize the breach of bodily boundaries.

Size earring: 2.5 x 1.5 cm
£9 (Etsy)


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