Feminist Art workshop

Aren’t we all in need of a bit more feminist protest art? The Women’s Institute (Balsall Heath & Moseley division) definitely agreed and asked me to run a workshop for them.

Last Sunday I ran a Feminist Protest Pin workshop during the WI monthly meeting. I arrived at the beautiful St Columba Hall in Moseley and was greeted warmly by the organisers and loads of cakes…


The turn-out was great with 30 members and visitors keen to get stuck in. After a lovely introduction by Rebecca Dawes Lea I spoke a bit about my work and the plan for the day…

We started with a brainstorm about topics that were at the forefront of the women’s minds, by mindmapping their different ideas. Topics included equal pay, women’s bodies, influence of social media on perception of your identity, racism, ageism, sexism and environmental concerns. Then I introduced the concept of ‘metaphors’ and how to use metaphors to make a statement about a concern. A bit of a challenge, but after some converstaions and examples the ideas started flowing!


Time to get creative! Doodling, writing, changing, swapping… anything to get that perfect design for the pin badge. I asked the participants to especially think about metaphors or symbols that would make great shapes for the pins.

Then the scary part… drawing the design on to the plastic with permanent markers, and trying not to make a mistake!

The designs turned out so well! Then it was time to bake them, and have a cuppa! The results were fantastic and the shapes incredible. What about a mermaid, beating heart, female symbol, bank note, eye, cupcake, robot or uterus for a pin badge?

I love them all ladies, wear them with pride!

Jorine xx

W! april 2018 pins