Holiday at the Seaside

I recently spend a lovely Holiday at the Seaside. After days of relaxing I finally found inspiration to make some new pieces of political art.

I started by experimenting with flower pigment, directly onto paper:


The result was beautiful with very subtle colours, which worked great with my typical inc lines.

Then I did some high resolution scans and worked on the pieces digitally.

22 Conscience clearer

Conscience Clearer’ (2018)
You can scrub all you want, but some things are too dirty.

Material: Inc, flower pigment, digital colour
#wordleaders #scrubbing #howdoyousleepatnight 

23 Gosh

‘Gosh’ – Another day of not exploiting people (2018)
How was your day?

#globaljustice #equality #consumerism#postcolonial #isntitrelaxing

I also found inspiration in elements in the environment: the russling palmtrees, the trail of ants that came to collect the crumbs we tried to feed the birds, the waste plastic on the beach, the small church, the many birds, my new bikini.

25 Trash pink blue

‘Holiday at the Seaside’ (2018)
I spend a lovely holiday at the seaside and found beautiful things on the beach.

#environment #beachholiday #footprint #waste #trash  

28 Les Ants

‘Les Ants’ (2018)
We’re all trying to reach for the highest, aren’t we?

#consumerism #followtheleader #socialpressure #society #neoliberalism #capitalist


‘Unemployed’ (2018, left) & ‘Let’s Pray’ (2018, right)

After having eaten a lot during my holiday, a little voice in my head was starting to talk about dieting, so back home I made this:

24 We're on a diet

‘We’re on a diet’ (2018)
What are we slimming down?

#compassion #individualism #neoliberalism 

Thanks for reading & stay PrettyPolitical!


Open Studios

After the succesful first edition of ‘Open Studios’ 2017, I have decided to sign up to the 2018 ‘Open Studios’ again.

I had such an amazing time at The Old Print Works, making new art and meeting lots of different audiences. It was the first time I publicly sold my pin badges, which were very well received. Also, the responses of audiences to my art prints were amazing. As an artist you often work alone and even though people buy your art, there’s nothing like seeing the initial response interest- surprise- smile- emotion of an art work that resonates with someone.

Organised by photographer Owen de Visser of ArtsBrum, the Open Studios is a great way for audiences to meet artists directly. ArtsBrum says:

‘In 2017, ArtsBrum coordinated its first ‘Open Studios’ event. 29 artists across Moseley and Kings Heath opened their doors over 2 consecutive weekends in September, and the public followed a freely available map on a journey of artistic discovery. The public response was fantastic and the event was hugely successful for the artists involved. This year we want to repeat and grow the event in success, participants as well as geographically. We are branching out to also include Selly Park and Stirchley in the now named ‘South Birmingham Open Studios’’ (read more on ArtsBrum)



Brum pin badge hotel take-over

Since I made the first ‘Brum, City of Makers’ pin badge back in the Summer 2017 this little pin has really taken over in the city…

Last week I spent a great morning at the fabulous (and dazzling high!) The Cube Birmingham with the amazing Hotel Indigo Birmingham staff who bought my ‘Brum, City of Makers’ pin badge for all their front of house and restaurant staff. The hotel had been searching for over a month for a good way to show their love for Birmingham and decided my pin badge suited them.

What a big compliment! Thanks Lucy and all other amazing staff for being so enthusiastic.

Also… concurred some of my anxiety for heights on the 25th floor in the Marco Pierre White restaurant… Skyline pin meets skyline!